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Quality in every grain of salt

Confirmed to adhere to the motto of the company. "Every grain of salt quality" with the manufacturing process has the highest quality standards. By starting with water evaporation. To produce pure grain of salt Introducing steam generated by the evaporation of brine for reuse. The mining of mineral melt. With advanced technology and systems to monitor and strictly monitor every step of production. With this commitment, the company has received the ISO 9001 quality system certification by TUV NORD addition, the equipment used in the testing and inspection of the company. Is accredited ISO / IEC 17025 as well so that it can produce high quality salt. A purity of 99.9%, the salt industry and salt intake to no more moisture content of 2.5% and 0.1%, respectively, so that the salt product of the Company, in each grain of salt, saturated genuine quality.


The quality of life of employees, the company has a policy of health and safety of employees. Or a system of safety management and occupational health. Provide safety equipment to employees as operational activities at the hospital for five fire drills and fire. Get emergency training to the security of the plant. With the deal, the company has certified quality system standard OHSAS 18001.

The company's products

The company's products are available with two types.


A purity of 99.9% and a moisture content of not more than 2.5% by weight, which is stored within the warehouse to await transport. The raw material in the production of caustic soda, chlorine, food and other industries.



The salt used for cooking More than 99.9% purity and moisture content of not more than 0.15% by weight by transporting salt iodine into the air. Through dryers Remove excess water to evaporate. The dried salt is stored in silos Salt Industry Company Limited, to packaging and distribution on behalf of the company. Salt Industries Ltd.